Task For Today – October 29

1. Math – Each group must complete and submit the correct URL to me for their math app. I will be showcasing them at a conference in Niagara Falls next week. See Isaac or Andrew to learn which link I need. Please make sure it is completely accurate. Check for math errors. Do your best to make it “pretty” as it will be seen by many teachers. Again, triple check your app with a calculator to make sure the math logic is accurate.

If any groups finish, I want you to record a video lesson using something like Explain Everything. In your lesson, describe the relationship between radius and diameter and show an example problem involving finding circumference or area. We are going to use this video to make some augmented reality content so please pay attention to detail.

2. LA – Watch “The History of Tattoos” from this list: http://www.nkwiry.com/share.php?cc=icrps8&tid=2263815 and complete the quiz. Click “think” on the right side.

Math Test – Monday

Please review the following:

1. The relationships between radius, diameter circumference and area.
2. The formula for the circumference of a circle.
3. The formula for the area of a circle.
4. How to find the area of irregular polygons which contain circles.
5. How to work backwards – EG: find the diameter when given area or circumference.

If you have been keeping up with the class work, you will be fine.

Math Task for Today – October 21

The two questions below both involve solving problems by working backwards. They came from last year’s Grade 9 Academic EQAO test. We will work on these problems today in small groups during Period 8 when we have math.

Don’t forget we will be having a test next week on 2D Measurement. You should also complete the practice questions at the end of the chapter in the textbook, also posted here:

Chapter 5 Practice Questions


Homework Tonight – Tuesday

In order to continue to “flip” our classroom, homework tonight is to watch the following videos posted on www.nkwiry.com

1. The formula for the area of a circle.
2. What is Pi

Don’t forget we are golfing next Wednesday October 22. Cost is $10.

Homework This Weekend

1. Math – Chapter 5 Mid Chapter Review
2. Science – Spaghetti Bridge Log Book
3. Blog Recount – Recount your Genius Hour experiences – What went well, what didn’t go so well, what is your next step?
4. McGregor “Option” Sheets

Have Turkey Day!


Math Assessment & Homework

I hope you have been keeping up with the homework for Chapter 5 – Circles (2D Measurement). For those who have, today’s key assessment question should be a breeze. It has been posted to our Google Classroom.

Next week we will begin to explore the area of a circle. Have a look at the remainder of chapter 5.

Don’t forget, all sections of the textbook are good practice questions for homework. You may also use the workbook that has been provided as well.