Minecraft Project – Earth Day

On behalf our Earth Day – and our Science curriculum – I challenge you with the following:

Design an environmentally friendly house (structure) in Minecraft. Your house must be energy efficient. Consider good insulation. Consider solar energy sources. Consider geothermal energy sources. What else can you do to reduce costs and be environmentally friendly? Be ready to give everyone a tour…




Particle Theory + Density + Heat Experiment

Today we are going to further explore heat and the Particle Theory.

Density is the ratio of mass to volume or mass / volume. When we heat matter, their volume changes because particles speed up and spread apart. However the amount of matter does not change.

Consider this bottle and balloon. The amount of air inside it is a constant because it is a closed system. When I heat the bottle, what happens to the air inside? Does it’s mass change? Does it’s volume change?

When an object’s volume gets bigger, but it’s mass stays the same – it becomes less dense. Consider density as a fraction of mass / volume. If volume gets bigger, but mass stays the same, the fraction becomes smaller. This means the object is less dense.

Let’s try it:

Task for Friday April 17

1. Check out this VSauce video:

2. Write the regular weekly recount email. CC me. What did you learn this week. When did you struggle? When were you successful?

3. Blog Post Reflection:  Consider those who do not or cannot speak. Some have the choice, but choose silence while others do not have the same choice. Write a reflection of your experience from being quiet. What would it be like to not have a voice both literally and metaphorically. Do you have friends who should speak up but often don’t?


LA Task for Today April 10

The Science of Awkwardness


1. Write a recount of your week in an email to your parents. CC me. What did you learn? Where did you struggle? Where were you successful?

2. Watch the video here and answer the questions under “Think” with a partner.


3.  Consider this:

All of us want to invent that game-changing product, launch that successful company, write that best-selling book. And yet so few of us actually do it. Brazilian entrepreneur Bel Pesce breaks down five easy-to-believe myths that ensure your dream projects will never come to fruition.


Please watch:


4.  Consider our Pathways to Success Program – What are your dreams? Where are you headed? What do you need to get there? What is be a barrier? Write a reflection on your blog. You may use the prompts above or any other ideas you may have.


Task For Today: March 30

Math Middle Block:

Consider the image below for today’s weather. How likely is it ti rain this morning? This evening?


Please read through this section on Experimental and Theoretical probabilities. You may work in groups on the questions. Please complete them all. Practice practice!

Experimental and Theoretical Probabilities

Science Last Block:

Check out this clip below about thermal energy sensors!

After watching the above clip, read the following two sections and answer the Check Your Learning. Consider this morning’s “chance of rain” when you read about convection in the environment.