Spaghetti Bridge Teaser

Our back to school Science unit will involves Structures and Mechanisms with a culminating activity of designing, building and testing a bridge built from spaghetti.

You will have a budget and will have to plan to spend money accordingly after extensive research.

Ramblings for the School Year Startup – And Your First Homework Assignment!

I am thrilled to be teaching in this day and age. With the release of Google Classroom this August it will be even easier than we had anticipated to use Google Drive to collaborate, give feedback and submit assignments using paper, pencil, phones, tablets and PCs.

For those of you new to 8 Aspinall – I encourage you to to subscribe to our Remind account to receive class updates on your cellphone. Don’t worry – it’s a service geared to schools and I won’t see your #, nor will you see mine – making it a safe service for me to push update notifications in the wee hours of the night (just kidding – sort of :-) ). To subscribe please text @8aspi to (289) 803-3097.

This year we are going to routinely dabble in the Computer world. I will be introducing the theory behind computer programming and we will develop apps and games to demonstrate curriculum content. Our friends overseas in Britain have a new elementary curriculum this year and Computer Science is in it!

If you would like to check out some of the tools and apps with will tinker with check my other blog here:

Lastly, as we will use social media to share what we do – it is mainly used as a tool for me to collaborate with other teachers and share the good things we are doing. I also use it (mainly twitter) to provide a window into the classroom. Having said that, by no means do I require students to follow on twitter. For one, the twitter TOS say users must be 13 or have parental permission. If you allow you child to use twitter, no problem. It is not mandatory by any means, however.

Will will also check up on some of my favourite youtube channels, especially VSauce. As we continue this journey into flipped classrooms and learning spaces, you can anticipate media clips and content posted here for homework. It is a Maker Movement era and we are going to build, create and develop new things! So here is your first assignment. Please watch the clip below and visualize the planet – and everyone jumping at once. What would that look like? Is it even possible? How could we schedule it? Use social media? Use the news? Visualization is an incredible reading strategy that helps you to make interpretations and opinions (inferences).

Enjoy the rest of the summer, folks. It’s not even half over by my calculations. I do look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you in September!

I will leave you with the best mini lesson of July. I learned from this video!

Dear Graduates…

Before we say goodbye forever, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I could be your teacher this year and last. I hope you know how much happiness you bring into my life and how much I genuinely enjoy interacting with you. I can’t tell you how many days I have been ornery / stressed/ frustrated and have come to school and have had you make me laugh and forget those stresses.

It is hard for me to believe it has been two years since we met on that Wednesday in June when you were in grade 6 and I came for the afternoon to visit. I remember signing out iPads but hadn’t a clue where to find them. It seems from day one you were helping me as much as I helped you.

I remember Science experiments outside, secret hand shakes, nicknames. I remember making Vines about barf bags on the train. I remember hoping to jump from grade 7 to grade 8 so I got a second chance to teach you all again in some capacity.

You are a unique group of individuals. You will all do great things. I cannot wait to hear how you make change at our secondary schools in the coming years. I look forward to the day I hear about you and all the wonderful accomplishments you have achieved.

As much as it saddens me to see you move on, I remind myself to celebrate the fact that we met. I have learned so much from you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be your teacher. You are an incredible group of students that have forever changed my life. You will all be missed.

Please keep in touch – you know where to find us!

Mr. A, Room 409 – ICRPS

Golfing Tomorrow (Tues)

Unfortunately the Links could not accommodate us on such short notice so we will not be golfing today.

We ARE booked for tomorrow (Tues). If you have clubs, please bring them as the Links only has four sets to share.

We will have lunch there too. The cost is $16.

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Don’t forget tomorrow is our tournament with Winston Churchill at Kingsmen park. 10:00 am. We will walk over after attendance. Please wear proper shoes. Weather looks great!

Please spread the word if you happen to be talking to others tonight.

Rumour has it Mrs. Balkwill from WC will be dropping off freezies for everyone!