Task For Today: March 23

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Middle Block: Math

Practice, practice, practice. We must “master” the skill of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Please complete the pages attached here.

Chapter 9 Review – Fractions

Fractions Chapter 9 Self Test

If you get stuck, check out all the videos from Mrs. D here:


Last Block: Science

Please read the following two sections about “conduction”. The Check Your Learning are great question prompts to test an elbow partner.

8.3 Conduction

8.4 Conduction & Geological Processes

If you finish the above, please continue working on your Rube Goldberg projects. Please email me with an update as to where you are with the project.

Have a great day!

Just How Big is a Super Mario Pipe?

In this post, we are going to determine plausible sizes of a Super Mario pipe. Let’s look at the curriculum expectations for grade 8 math:

  • determine, through investigation using a variety of tools and strategies (e.g., generalizing from the volume relationship for right prisms, and verifying using the capacity of thin-walled cylindrical containers), the relationship between the area of the base and height and the volume of a cylinder, and generalize to develop the formula (i.e.,Volume = area of base x height);
  • determine, through investigation using concrete materials, the surface area of a cylinder (Sample problem: Use the label and the plastic lid from a cylindrical container to help determine its surface area.);
  • solve problems involving the surface area and the volume of cylinders, using a variety of strategies (Sample problem: Compare the volumes of the two cylinders that can be created by taping the top and bottom, or the other two sides, of a standard sheet of paper.).


For the purposes of this task, we will use Super Mario 1. Familiarize yourself with it below:

Although the graphics have improved, the character sizes have not changed. Mario is estimated to be 155 cm tall (5’11”) and approximately 200 pounds.


1) Estimate the height and weight of the remaining characters.


2) Based on the data above, estimate the dimensions of the pipe pictured here:


3) Considering Bowser must travel through these worlds, determine the volume of these pipes. How much space is there inside to allow Nintendo characters to safely travel through them.


4) Looks like the pipes need some work. How much paint is needed to re-coat this pipe once?


5) How tall is the flagpole?